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    If you are having problems finding a dentist you can afford to dental work. Go on the internet and look up Find A Dentist or call 1-800- dentist. There are lots of low cost dental plans available for you to sign up for.

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    I live in a town of a thousand. The nearest population center is 70 miles. Thankfully, though, we are going to be getting a full service dentist in town. He bought the grade school that closed last year. The rates are fairly reasonable for Montana and a new set of dentures will only cost me about $500 after medicaid. Of course, it will be a long while before I have $500, but that works since it will be a few months or longer before the offices are set up.

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    For affordable dental care for those of you who live in California you can also go on the internet and apply for California Dental. For the fees, benefits and co-payments go to:

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