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      List 4 facts about you. They can be anything. 🙂 let’s get to know each other better.

      Facts about me:

      1. I’m introverted but also some what guarded. I’m far from shy and while I’ll never be extroverted Id like to make deeper connections w/others!!

      2. I’m an artist. I’m very creative. Art is my passion. From writing, to painting to dance I live for art.

      3. I believe in New Thought Religion. I use to be a Christian and still hold many Christian beliefs but no longer think that we are bad needing forgiveness from our Father. Instead I think that we all deserve happiness and abundance. God loves us and wants that for us all.

      4. I’m very independent and self-reliant but still love to be loved and have emotional support. I guess no matter how strong I am I’m only human.

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      1. I am a father of one.
      2. A christian by faith.
      3. I like making new friends yet not outgoing.
      4. writing and blogging is one of my hobbies.

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      Stephanie C

      1. I have a daughter
      2. I’m an army wife
      3. I love being a teacher
      4. I have been writing from home for about three years

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      I am a mom to two grown kids and I have two beautiful granddaughters ages 3 and almost 11. they are my world I believe in God I love cats and tv and watch many series and I am a loner I love time alone and my dog

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      1. My kids are my whole world
      2. That doesn’t mean my entire life revolves around them though
      3. I love to write, even when I hit a block, I love to push myself and let the words come to me again like a long lost friend
      4. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I can handle them as long as I’m aware of when an episode of either is coming on. If not, I might lose it for a little while.

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      Am a father of one boy and it is my happiness to be a good father and husband.My family is my daily inspiration.I love writing on diverse things especially those on family life and politics.

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      1- I am an expectant mom by january.I’m so excited about it.
      2- I am a teacher. I have always been and maybe will always be.
      3- I am independent
      4- I am not sociable. I don’t make friends intentionally. Friendship just suddenly develop.

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      I’m a California girl
      I studied Interior Design, but have no design concepts…
      I love to cook
      I love to write

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