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      Every November, people on Facebook do this one month of gratitude thing where they post something they’re thankful for every single day in November. I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with that, if you’re on Facebook. Since nobody has been talking about the upcoming holiday — Thanksgiving — here, I thought I’d ask if anybody would like to do a forum version of the daily things to be grateful for.
      I know it’s a little late in the month, but I guess it’s never really too late to start feeling grateful. I try to name a few things I’m thankful for every single day, but maybe I should amp it up some since it is the month of Thanksgiving.

      So, what are you thankful for today? Do you guys participate in the Facebook version?

      I’ll start:

      I’m grateful for all my friends I’ve had the opportunity to get to know — here online and in person, but especially my friends from the web.

      P.S. You can come back here and post something you’re grateful for every day!

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      That is a Great Idea @kendra ! I am not from a Christian country so it doesn’t happen where I live. Infact in all 7 years I’ve been on facebook I haven’t come across an event like this.

      I am glad you shared it, I would definitely give it a try and ask my friends on facebook to do so.

      I am EXTREMELY grateful that I FOUND “LEO GURA” when I needed him the most. He is a personal development blogger and he is really good at it.
      I am also very grateful to be back on Blogjob. My computer had broken down and took months to get fixed so its a miracle I could compute again. 🙂

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