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LOL. You’re good! Those sound really hard to convince a kid to eat. 😉

Not kids of my own, but nieces and nephews…
I’ve been really proud of what a good sport my niece is when it comes to trying new things. Bless her heart, she’ll try anything for me & she’s 4. She’s my little trooper — the only one who’s right beside me sipping on the icky health drinks while we both wrinkle our noses. But she’ll do it as long as she can before I say “you don’t have to like it, you know” and she’s all relieved and says “oh then can I PLEASE spit it out now!?” LOL. We’ve tried kefir together (which I actually like, especially strawberry flavored) and chia seeds, mineral shakes (chocolate and vanilla flavors and vanilla was awful!) Wheatgrass juice… Seaweed… Oh wow. I’m terrible. LOL. Now that I think about how awful that stuff tastes… poor baby. Ha Ha. She really enjoys trying new stuff, even if she knows there’s not a good chance of it being delicious.

My oldest nephew, who’s 14 is the same as us — he’ll try anything, but he actually likes the gross stuff. He will eat seaweed straight, by itself and not stop until the stuff’s gone! YUCK. That stuff is seriously some of the most disgusting things I’ve ever put in my mouth, and I’ve had some pretty disgusting stuff in there. Ha Ha Ha. He loves seafood, though and has tried all sea food. I can’t think of any he hasn’t tried. And he loves every bit of it.

He actually has weird tastes. He drinks those icky tasteless teas that come in all sorts of odd flavors. But he sweetens them, so they’re tolerable. I can’t sweeten them because it tears my stomach up, so I have to endure them! Lol. I’ve gotten used to the herbal teas I keep on had, but they still are not delicious and they bloat me. :/

I can’t think of any of the other odd stuff those two have tried, but pretty much anything I ask them to, and even more than that for the nephew! The rest of my nieces and nephews are absolutely not going to try new things. NOT even consider it.