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Well said, Amalthea! I love this part: “if everyone knows what they’re getting into, and wants the same thing.”

Absolutely right! I always say that above all else, you should be clear on what each other wants (in pretty much every single area of life) before the relationship gets serious. I learned this in my own relationship. I had no idea how important it was to know what each other wanted/expected before my relationship. Knowing these things about each other before things get serious really can do a world of good in the long run. Wouldn’t want any surprises later on that could be deal-breakers for you or your spouse. It’s really good to just lay it all out on the table from the get go, in my opinion.

And like you said — be on the same page where it matters. That’s a top priority for me. Being on the same page with your wants (and non-wants! Lol) really does matter. Glad you mentioned those. 😉