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Oh what a great thing to discuss! Writing has probably benefited me more than I could ever imagine since I’ve used it as my source of relief/release since I was old enough to write. I can’t think of a single hardship that I’ve endured and have not turned to writing to sort out, or just get the thoughts out and somewhere other than my head (where it creates too much turmoil!) It has helped me to discover more about myself even, since I’ve used it so often to put down things that come to mind — and later, I often find things in my writing that explains something about me that I might not have consciously noticed before.

It’s even helped my relationship! lol. During a time when I was struggling horribly through a traumatic event I’d gone through, it was very hard to talk about, so my S/O suggested I use a notebook to write down the thoughts, feelings, etc. and he could read and offer his help, which he did. And as I told him today, although the trauma occurred 8 years ago, he is what got me to face it and deal with it rather than keep trying to deny it happened and not deal. He was like my own personal therapist, and still is! Lol. I swear he has a secret degree in that area. 😉 But yes, writing was like my only way of saying the things I was too fearful to say. Just a couple months ago, I took that notebook (which had to be chock full of horribly negative, disgusting energy) and tore it to hell and took it out to the garbage. To get it out of my life for good. I felt like keeping all that, all those emotions in that book beside my bed was doing me no good anymore & had to be gotten rid of. I felt like I’ve finally really moved past the last stage of the issue, the last stage of healing, so to toss all that out was therapeutic to me. Like I’ve finished the whole process of healing and am done. That’s the feeling I got when I wrote my last bit and threw it all out.

I’m telling you, writing can be better than therapy for some people! 😉