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Well, mascara is something I use the most. I also am pretty fond of that Youthful Wear foundation stuff that’s available at Wal-Mart in the little metallic purple container, near the Physician’s Care line. I crap you not, I searched an entire Walmart for a foundation (of ANY kind — powder, liquid, etc.) that did not have the ingredient cyclopentasiloxane in it because as I narrowed down every single thing in my life that could have been causing me such odd breakouts on my face, that ingredient was it. It is now in so many skincare products that I have literally found myself with one foundation and only a few organic/natural facial washes that I can use! I’ve been a fan of the line of skincare products by Tatcha for years and recently had some of their new, updated products. I started breaking out like an SOB. Could NOT figure it out until I once again went to narrowing down every thing I use, eat, drink, touch! And sure enough, Tatcha started using Cyclopentasiloxane in their cleansing oil. 🙁 But nobody else who uses Tatcha seems to have the issue. They all claim magnificent results. I guess that one ingredient either affects you or doesn’t, but I know it’s making my life hell! lol.

I think the Youthful Wear stuff seems to do a great job for covering up “flaws.” I have to be so picky with foundations due to my dry areas, so it’s a relief to have this stuff. A bit overpriced, in my opinion, though.

So, that Youthful Wear stuff is only one of TWO foundations at Walmart that did not have the awful ingredient. It’s only there to make the products feel more silicone-like — smooth, and velvety. 🙁

I love fun eyeshadow colors sometimes, too.