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I’m with you, too Kimberly. That’s just such a big thing, and it really is important to agree on the big things in our lives, when it comes to relationships/marriage. It would seem like it’d create some sort of wall between a couple who were of totally different faiths, and if those were big parts of their lives. It would seem to do that if it were me in such a situation, anyways. Some people argue that it’s wrong to not be with someone who has different faiths than you, but if you think about it, it would be more than just a little challenge, as some people like to think that’s all it is (a small challenge.) A small challenge is when the two of you disagree on something that doesn’t affect your relationship. It’s my opinion that totally different faiths would have a negative impact on the relationship. Or at the very least, it would make it tough to bond in a completely full way.