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Aw, Pegasus! I find myself scrolling down on forum topics, reading your response and always replying to you so often! Lol. It’s because what you have to say always manages to touch my heart a little. 😉 You reveal a big, beautiful, kind heart in so much of what you say that I can’t help myself. 🙂

It put a smile on my face when I read the responses & seen what yours said. It’s so awesome to see something like that – that affection/love is one of the things that make you happiest. It’s so refreshing to see that sort of thing over the things that really don’t even matter in the long run (like material things.) No doubt material things make me happy! lol. But like you, I find myself happiest over the sometimes small, special, lasting things in life. And like you said, the new book you’re wanting to read is one thing that makes you happy. I’m only recently learning that it really is the sometimes small things that count most, in some cases. And that extravagance isn’t always the only way to happiness.

Glad this topic was posted because I know I can always use some focusing on the things that make me happy! 😉

Okay, enough sappy-sappy. 😉 What makes me happy…

Fun, precious moments with my significant other. When we’re really enjoying ourselves and are both in good spirits and simply enjoying each other. Our days we set aside where we clear everything on our schedules — those always bring me happiness. When we are being active together, doing something together, fun events, adventures together, that sort of thing. I really enjoy how it feels to just run out and do something, like getting away for a while and experiencing exciting new sights. We recently took a visit to this local bat cave over a beautiful, fabulous river. We were able to take a mini hike through a woods-y on this concrete trail that leads out over the river, and directly beside the cave. Thousands of bats come flying out of the cave around dark. Such fun, lovely experiences and sights to see together always makes for a great, happy time for me. I really love a good adventure.

Then there’s of course spending time with family and my pets. Loved ones (including pets) have a way of making you feel good and laugh and have a good time (sometimes, anyway! lol), so I always feel happy when we have get-togethers on the weekends with my family and friends. Of course the kids make me happy a lot, especially with my youngest niece’s sweetness and kind heart, and how hilarious she is.

Feeling my best, being healthy and being productive makes me feel happy. In fact, I might even depend on those things a tad too much to contribute to my happiness. Something about accomplishing just makes me feel so good!

A lot of times just knowing that I am loved by someone so amazing is enough to lift my spirits and get me happy.

Doing things for other people, or contributing to a good cause or any way I can contribute to something good, in some way always brings me happiness, even if it’s small.

Another major thing that brings me happiness is creating things — crochet first, of course! There’s nothing like the feeling of creating something out of almost nothing with just your hands, especially when that something turns out beautiful, or is useful to someone (as a gift). Like blankets for someone in need. Even when I just end up with a lovely blouse, I feel super happy about it. I always feel better when I’m creating whether it’s crochet, knit, jewelry making, sewing something, etc. Very therapeutic, too!

Okay, I must stop before I write a book. Lol. I think this discussion post was a fabulous source of inspiration, Xelaiehm! So thank you for posting it! I like to reflect on what makes me happy because it lifts my “vibration,” and lately, I’ve really needed to find ways to focus on positives, especially happiness! I also think this makes for good blogging inspiration. Everyone can write about what makes them happy. That’s one thing I think we can all do, and enjoy. 😉