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I’m happy that you have been on adventures and you get very excited. However, I feel compared to warn you to not call yourself an orb chaser. Fact of the matter is that 99% of orbs captured on cameras are not spirit energy. What they are instead is simply dust, insects, and depending on conditions moisture which a created due to the reflection of light created by a light source. Now, the real spirit orb is quite rare and I have seen a few in my time. In fact, I have a video which has a light orb (causing its own light source) streaking down past my head. Our team determined this to be a significant enough event as to deem it paranormal. Here’s why. While the camera was inundated with orbs of dust and insect which general followed the path of the natural air currents that was working its way through the building the one I mentioned came directly out of the ceiling and moved in a downward right angle; it did not even break my shadow which you could see on the wall. All other dust/insect orb activity was sweeping upwards and to to the left of the camera. Not saying this to demean you in anyway; just hoping to make you understand the difference and not judge every ob to be of paranormal background.