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This is a hard question to answer because there are so many things! Lol. I really like helping people, especially with health stuff, so maybe some kind of holistic healthcare professional. 😉 I had an interest in studying hypnosis for years & years, but really lost that interest. An inventor is such a great choice! That is so what my dad would choose. 😉 He’s a total inventor! He actually has some amazing ideas we’ve worked on together (more like he worked on, I typed into documents LOL) but I’ve researched the whole process of getting an invention set up and am 100% confused and have no clue where to really go with it. There are all those risky companies that you submit ideas to and they supposedly do the leg work… I contacted many of the ones without bad reviews and BBB reports asking thorough questions such as a promise that our ideas are confidential and a total disclosure of pricing (under any circumstance.) You know, not a single one would answer me!? I haven’t tried since.

Sorry for veering off topic! :/ Don’t mind me. Carry on.