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My first reaction was that my heart fell. I thought “Man I just did all that work and now I can’t partake in this site anymore because I can’t get the share buttons to work!”

Then I calmed down and followed the steps to get the share buttons on my site. The posts Sheridan shared with us made me feel better giving us ideas on how to successfully complete the 10 shares. Emails count one share each and I have at least 5 people who love me and my writing enough, then there’s the other 5 which are kind of more widespread. The thing that worries me sometimes is that I’m going to say something in my blogs that is going to hurt someone’s feelings, which is fine if I’m writing it anonymously, but once I start sharing it it’s almost like rubbing it in even if I’m just using the blog to get it out. So anyway, I feel like that changes the nature of my posts a bit, where I don’t feel like I can be AS personal. Maybe as I grow as a writer this won’t be important to me