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My very perfect day would be

-wake up with no alarm, just naturally start my day
-lay in bed and snuggle with my kiddos while watching something maybe an old Simpsons
-lots of laughter
-someone brings me tea
-I go to a massage that lasts 2 hours and gets rid of every single ache and pain I have
-I get all you can eat sushi with my mom and my kids
-I read a book yeah a whole one
(by the way my perfect day includes time for all of this so i’m not rushed)
-I soak in a tub that is large enough to cover my knees and my boobs at the same time
-I go to a movie and dinner with my husband and we connect in laughter and shared stories
-I feel fulfilled

I’d like to order about 5 of these please – put it on my card.