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Germany Hohenzollern Bridge or Love lock bridge – where lovers from all over come to hang and secure a lock to a fence symbolizing their love being locked forever. And then they kiss and throw their key into the river below.

Germany Nurburgring – a very famous racetrack, my husband dreamed of going here when we were just kids in high school and we finally got to make his dream come true.

Denmark – Copenhagen – we got to see the famous statue “Little Mermaid” made to commemorate Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark native.

– also there are so many bikers there – there is at least 30 bikes to one car on the road, maybe more.

San Francisco – there is the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Building, Pier 39, Coit Tower, Lombard (the crooked) street, it is a city of bustling and color. If you want more quiet touristing in S.F. you go to Golden Gate park.