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Oh yes! Nothing like a good rant sometimes. If the frustration is something you can find relief from ranting/venting about, then by all mean, I think that’s the best way to relief. It’s therapeutic just getting it out and telling a loved one “I absolutely can’t f’ing stand this place anymore….” Okay, a little animated, but I feel ya! My SO is also perfect for ranting to/with. He often joins in with me! Lol. It really can be helpful to just tell someone how you feel. I’m telling you, sometimes it’s actually an enjoyable experience, if you feel better afterwards. 😉 Glad you mentioned that one as a source for relieving frustration, Danae.

There’s also exercise. If my mind is spinning with frustrations (especially those that build up over the day and just get worse), it can sometimes help to just exercise myself out. Tiring yourself down can help settle your mind.