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Just now finding a technique that actually works for me! It’s meditation. I hated the thought of that at first because it sounded so… dreadful. Then again, so did yoga, but I’ve been incorporating them both into my life (small amounts at a time) and am finding relief. I have something called misophonia or “4S” or “sound sensitivity,” and it often means I’m hair-pulling frustrated on and off depending on noise people make. Very tough to live with this kind of frustration, plus finding myself with some less-than pleasant feelings of depression lately meant that I absolutely had to find a way to get relief. The meditation (even if I only get 5 minutes a day) has been incredibly useful!

Also, I crochet and find that to be quite a therapeutic hobby. I really didn’t think any of these things would ever be something I found myself doing or benefiting from. I am typically a high-strung and tense person, so I surprised myself. There are certain weeks of each month that the frustration come so easily that I can’t even hardly stand to be awake. Lol. But, things are improving. I’m also keeping up with using positive affirmations to help with it all.