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Yes, Emily, that’s true. And that has been my experience. Signing up to write for just a few different sites was far too time consuming. I mean, not with the pay anyways. With the Bubblews “blog”, my blog here and the blog I’ve ran for 4 years, it’s A LOT! And I haven’t made but $1 on Bubblews despite hours and hours and hours of time spent there, so I’ve stopped going there this week and doubt I’ll go back. Nice idea, but not logical for actually making $, for me anyways.

When you care about coming up with quality content, you’re most likely going to run into this struggle — not being able to spread yourself out for more than one or two sites/blogs. Especially if you have a job. My job takes up so much of my time as it is that I’d rather spend any free time working on other money-making opportunities, and creating a nice brand/reputation for myself as an author and all. I think I’m just going to stick with BlogJob only, (and of course my old blog. Can’t let it go!) and work towards putting in better and better quality work for the two columns I write. There are just too many opportunities to be had to waste time at a place that doesn’t earn you enough $, and not even a name/reputation.