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Holy mother of pearl… 20 blogs A DAY?!

Do you mean on 20 different blogs a day, or 20 posts on one blog a day? Either way, 20 posts is huge and extremely tough to do.

I run 2 blogs (was three, but I pretty much decided to ditch the blog I’d began hosted at Blogger with crochet as my topic. When I signed up here, I figured why bother working two blogs on the same topic, especially since I didn’t want to break any rules by posting the same posts. It was too much, and not very sensible.) My 4 year old blog is a product review blog, and the one here is a crochet one. I also have that one on Bubblews that I was writing on LOA or pretty much my journey using LOA for things like happiness, creating the life I want, etc. But, I’m even reconsidering bothering with Bubblews right now as I’ve done around 10 posts with only $1. It’s too time consuming and I got the sense that nobody was really reading, but just commenting with typically un-useful comments just to get exposure themselves. I mean, you can tell when someone visits you and comments with something thoughtful or just “hi, nice blog.”

I just don’t think Bubblews is that worth my time, right now. Maybe I’m missing something and it just takes time, but I’d rather put my thoughts somewhere where people who can use and learn from them will be able to see them and all (like the Powerful Intentions forum, which I also don’t love community-wise, but it’s a place where people will really be able to take from personal journies/experiences.)

Okay, got a little off topic there. Anyways, I am lucky if I get ONE a day. The reviews require so much extensive research, photographing, and thought that I don’t always have the time. Then the crochet blog here, I don’t have a new project to post about every single day and I try to aim for quality over quantity. I don’t want people to be like “oh, wow, why’d she even bother making a post for something so silly.” So I try to only post when I have something useful or inspirational to post (even if it’s just project updates with my photos of my projects to inspire others.)