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Oh my! Pegasus, I think that’s awesome that you take Martial Arts! Blue belt — very impressive! What is it about husbands that makes them always wanna critique our work?! Lol. They just love tossing in their 2 cents. LOL.

Oh, now that’s when YouTube comes in real handy — when you really want/need to learn something! It’s how I learned to crochet & knit! 🙂 I actually never really checked out YouTube much until I found the need to learn from the tutorials they have available. Of course after that I was hooked. 😉 I also like listening to all the positive affirmation videos, and audio books and those brainwave vids where they sometimes toss in “auto-suggestion” to hopefully create more positive thoughts in your mind, subconsciously. I use YouTube for guided meditation too! 🙂 Can’t believe it took me this long to discover the usefulness of that place.

Aha! Now some things make sense to me — I had been hearing the word “hipster” lately and didn’t really know what that was all about, but I see now. It’s something to do with crocheting! Lol. I think everybody I know has made an “old lady” comment about my crocheting, though. LOl.

Being a cat lover (and owner for most of my life), always makes people come even more alive with jokes “old cat lady.” LOL It’s when they start adding the word “creepy” in front of “old cat lady who knits” that I get a little feisty! Ha Ha. Just kidding. None of it bothers me. I just laugh because I can see the relation, I guess. Haha. And what is it with everyone calling it “knitting?” It don’t matter if you have a hook or needles, if you have yarn in your hand, they always call it knitting. LOL Not that that bothers me either, but it’s an observation, a funny one. I did start off knitting, so I understand why some people still refer to anything I do with yarn as knitting (because they forget I picked up crochet shortly after and haven’t really gone back to the needles since).

It’s all fun and games. I guess it was just so common for older folks to be seen with knitting needles or crochet hooks in their hands that it makes people think of it as an old-person hobby. I even made jokes when I first started getting into it, telling the kids in my family that they’d be going to school with scratchy ol’ sweaters, and their friends will be asking “did your grandma knit that for ya?” LOL. It would make for one incredibly fun laugh for me, though, if I did talk them into wearing an ugly, itchy sweater to school.