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Oh my. Pegasus, those actually are really odd, to me! I have never heard of some of those, especially the jelly fish tripe, and the ice-cream and bacon bits! LOL. I would really think that strange, but I can see why you like it. My SO & I like to try weird foods we come across & Sonic had this bacon peanut butter milkshake last summer & we had to try it, but I expected it to be disgusting. Actually not bad, but not something I’d really would order too often. Lol. He loved it!

Now your husband… That *is* very unusual foods! Lol. Raw hamburger meat!? Really? And he doesn’t get sick? Does he enjoy it like that or is it something he started doing for some kind of health benefits? Now that one is really interesting! I once read about it being healthy, actually & almost wanted to try it myself, but was a little too chicken to go through with it. I really don’t think I’d enjoy the taste.

Plus, I hate getting sick and was scared it would be possible with my body not being used to it, but I’ve heard of people eating it frequently and never getting sick and having pretty good health. Some people believe it’ll downright kill you, though. That is so interesting that he eats raw meat! Brave!

I can’t say I have ever met anybody who found lemon rinds appealing. Lol. What a healthy idea, though. 😉

Kimberly: LOL That’s so funny that she too makes you peel her hot dogs. I equally like them cooked totally black (on the outside), and raw too. Sometimes I can’t decide if I want an uncooked one or a burnt! Lol. I also like my marshmallows black & crispy. 😉