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Well, it really depends. If you’re citing someone else, or someone else’s work, then it’s a must. It’s unethical for an author (or blogger) to not link back, when it’s required. Typically, you link back to your source anytime you use any of their work, whether it’s images, words/quotes or videos.

I do link back to sources when, for example, I’m posting an image of a project I’ve crocheted using their pattern. I always, always link back when using any work of someone else’s. Links to articles… Well, are creating a post just to link to said articles? If so, that is considered spam on most places & spam is most definitely against the rules. If you’re talking about linking to other articles of yours, published elsewhere on the web, then it could be considered spam, but really probably depends on what your post reads like. For example, if it has nothing real to contribute and is obviously a bunch of filler words used as nothing more than an attempt to get people to click a link to read another article of yours published elsewhere, it might be considered spam. It would help to know more about what types of posts you plan to post and include the article links to. I’ve seen spam done in this way on sites like Ezine Articles so much that I don’t even trust that site any more. You’ll see authors posting content that’s regurgitated, totally un-useful and worthless just to get their links to products or other articles out there. I’ll just say, it’s always obvious when one does this.

On the other hand, it would not be spam if for example, you were writing a post that shared your opinion and in it you linked to an article that is the focus of your own opinion post. I’ve done this on my other blog. When there’s a story that’s been covered either in the media or by another blogger and I want to elaborate on it, I will post a link to the original story, or to the blogger’s article I am referring to. In those cases, it’s necessary and typically accepted, but I am not 100% certain of BlogJob’s rules regarding this.

I don’t think BlogJob will “block” anybody’s blog for following ethical blogger practices. However, if you’re using links in a spammy way, then they could very well “block” your blog, and have every right to do so since no reputable company wants to be associated with spam or spammers. So, if you are wanting to link to stores or a product, or any affiliate links, then you should definitely ask first if that’s allowed. I cannot remember seeing anything about this when I signed up, but I will go check to see if I can find FAQs or something. If not, then you could get in touch with Sheridan (you could even get in touch her via her page.) If you can’t be 100% sure your links would not be of spam variety, then you should certainly ask first, or consider not linking.