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Pegasus & Danae & Amalthea: It looks like my reply to you (from the first two responses) has not showed up here! Did you ever see it? I’m not seeing it right now, but I responded quite lengthy the other night. 🙁 I really hope you guys were able to see my response to each of you. I can’t remember what I said, so re-typing it would never do my original post justice. But I want to thank you all for sharing these things with me. I found so much encouragement in your posts, Pegasus and Danae and Amalthea. It was so helpful, and even felt nice to know that I’m not alone, too. I’m so sorry, though that all of you have dealt with depression and other things. I so wish there was a quick cure that we could just take the second we felt badly & it be over with..

Anyways, I’m very, very grateful to all of you who replied. It was so helpful! I’m kicking myself right now for my replies to all of you being gone. Maybe you guys did get to read them and for some reason they got deleted after? I don’t know!

I also wanted to give a little update. Yesterday, I felt great! I actually was able to maintain the good, positive feelings and even though I actually didn’t get to do part of the things I typically do that makes me happiest, I still did so well. I was ecstatic. Felt better than I have in a long time. If by some chance ya’ll did get to read any of the replies I made the other day here, then you’ll know that I had just meditated that night and also did a bit of yoga. I figured that is what made such an impact.

Sadie Marie: Awesome! I love to meet people who practice Law of Attraction too! I’ve found that learning about it (and just knowing that life doesn’t have to just happen to me, I can control some things) has been life changing. Obviously I’m not exactly all the way there, but it’s neat that you’ve used things like this yourself. I think it’s very beneficial, but beliefs can be so deeply ingrained that we have to spend so much work to reverse and begin the positive thinking we were supposed to think to begin with. I’m glad you were honest and willing to share this with me. It means a lot! It’s helpful to know that those things didn’t entirely fix everything for ya. I have always heard exercise is one major way to improve depression symptoms. I’ve exercised regularly for years now… I think some days it does improve my own symptoms, but that seems to be only if those symptoms are related to how I feel about myself. Exercising does not seem to really energize me much, or I just don’t notice it anymore maybe. I can’t say it changes my mood, either unless again the sour or bad mood is coming from how I feel about myself. Lately, I actually have been feeling quite good about myself, which has been a journey in itself! Lol. 😉

Would you mind sharing what types of medication you’ve found helpful? No worries if you aren’t comfortable sharing that. I understand fully. I’ve used various medications, but never stuck with them because I feared addiction (I’m not against medication at all, it’s just that I’m no stranger to addiction and if I found something that made me feel good, I’d be hooked) and did not love the side effects. Then I finally realized I really wanted a fix and since my symptoms haven’t ever reached severity, I didn’t feel like I needed or required actual medication. So, I have been blessed enough in that department.

Brooke: Wow. Thank you too for sharing. That’s really awesome of you and I appreciate it very much. Would you mind telling me what OTC medication is helpful for you? I would probably be willing to try it myself, but if you aren’t comfortable sharing that sort of thing, I totally understand. Really.

How it Went Today:
But today… Not so good. It struck me kind of hard and made it even harder on me because I’d felt so great the day before. It happens so sudden & it’s really upsetting to me that I can’t figure out WHAT is causing it. I have no reason to not be happy. It’s like the feelings that make me happy aren’t really happening for me these days. Like I said in my first reply, it’s like a constant daily struggle. I try to maintain any good, positive feelings or joy and eventually, the struggle gets to be too much sometimes & I just crash, feeling even more negative and bad. Someone told me that it was resistance (law of attraction talk). That I was resisting and even trying too hard, wanting too badly. I know when you’re too attached to something, it’s harder to obtain. Perhaps I’m tense and not going with the flow, not being easy on my emotions.

However, things did look up for me tonight as B (my significant other) basically sat down and said he wasn’t moving until I talked to him. If my replies to y’all did show up the other day, then you might remember I said that he had noticed and has expressed concern and worry about me for a long, long time now. And I mentioned how he’s the one who brought it to my attention, kind of. He noticed that I’d be just fine. Laughing, happy, good to go & suddenly bam. Over just the course of an hour sometimes, it’s like my whole “demeanor changed.” And nothing will have happened to make me feel less than happy! It’s not like something sad or negative happens and brings me down. It’s just like an uncontrollable happening.

So this evening as he begged me to talk to him I was resisting discussing it (and have for a long time) because as I’ve listened to speakers like Abraham Hicks, who say sometimes it’s best not to talk about things that are negative because it can cause you to dwell on them and only attract/create more of the negative you’re talking about! So, I told him no I wouldn’t discuss it because I was afraid I’d get stuck in those feelings and make it far worse. He insisted saying that he felt like just talking about it would be constructive as we could try to better understand the whole thing. So I went ahead, making sure not to really get caught up and complain, but discussed my feelings and thoughts about it with neutral feelings, kind of. Just observing them, trying to put it together to maybe make sense of it.

We went through all the changes that may have taken place, noted all the things I’ve consumed (from foods to drinks and medications to herbs to even vitamins — everything.) He made some good points on things that could help and worked really hard to cheer me up, support me and just make me feel so important (he’s amazing. Like a therapist!) I think that’s what helped. I felt much better, but still have that cruddy question in my head: “What is it that causes this?” What am I doing?

We discussed all the things imaginable that could be the contributor to this issue. A chakra imbalance, a brain thing, a brain imbalance, a medication I was prescribed and took for a short period of time before deciding I didn’t want to keep using it, etc. He says he thinks the change happened (or worsened) prescription (a barbituate that I didn’t like because how it made me feel) around the time I quit taking it, or that it could’ve been the medication itself that changed something inside. Just grasping at straws, tossing ideas out there for me to consider.

I made sure to also follow some of the suggestions you guys had, what you said worked for ya’ll. I spent time in the sun (and loved it). I spent quality time with my pets, B and my mom. I even took my shoes off and stood barefoot on the grass, watching Myrtle the turtle swim in the pool and feel the sun beating down. I enjoyed it, yet the cruddy feelings still happened after the day went on. But I’d read last night that if you stand barefoot on the ground, something about earth’s elements have an effect (supposedly a positive one) on you.

So, those are just a few of the minor things I’ve tried today. Will keep going and hopefully find my balance or whatever. I hope you all will continue to share your journey with me too. I would love that & I really think connection with other people is so beneficial. I hope it will be for you guys, too.