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Ugh. I have some, and lately I’ve been focusing hard on not letting myself focus on them! Ha Ha Ha. Focusing on not focusing on something. Basically, I’m just working on trying to keep myself calm lately & I can really get into a frenzy if I let myself talk too much about things that annoy me, but it can be so relieving to talk about them at the same time!

One is when someone invades my privacy. I am probably saying that because it’s happened so often lately. Lol. Otherwise I’d have probably said noises. They are hard for me because I have misophonia (or “4S” or “Sound Sensitivity,) and pretty much any loud noise (especially whistling or the sound of dishes clanking, sirens, mouth noises, etc.) They make me feel like I’ll explode!

But seriously, invading my space also puts me near the edge. When I can’t even take my clothes off in my own bedroom, behind my own closed door without teenagers (and younger) busting in without a dang care in the world… Or the bathroom for Pete’s sake! THE BATHROOM. I’m thinking what did you think you were going to walk in on?! It’s even worse when I finally do get some privacy and they come through the blasted window. I’m not even kidding. Any entrance to the only two private rooms (bathroom and bedroom).

Everybody should be able to do whatever they please and have 100% privacy in those two spaces — their bedroom and bathroom. When I was a teenager, and even a small child I never busted in someone’s room, not even my parents. It’s like common sense has totally left the building these days…

I knew I’d get to ranting! Lol.