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Not sure about it yet, myself. I’m still new to Bubblews, and as I said on another topic I just posted on about Bubblews, I really can’t figure out a lot of details about how it works. There’s not much info like that on there & that’s frustrating. I have $1 in my “bank” there and have posted probably 4-5 times. Yea, I’m WAY behind all of you. Lol. But, I just don’t have time to make 10 posts a day. Not when my full time job is writing and running my blog here and also my 4 year old blog. I guess it’s the last on my priorities right now. I like this site better because well, I don’t know I guess the communication is more here with the forums and all. And the features for blogging. Bubblews, you can’t even italicize your words!