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I had a small breakthrough (after a small breakdown) last night. I wrote a very personal blog (well, they all are lol) about how I’ve been feeling about my dad’s passing. It has been years. I got such positive feedback including one from a new friend (my cousin’s best friend) who is a social worker and she told me what I’ve been feeling is called Conflicted Bereavement and is a very real thing. It’s not the only reason why I’ve been feeling down, but writing is my therapy sometimes, it helps me sort through my thoughts and I was able to at least get myself a level higher than where I was prior to writing it. I’m still looking up the wishing well trying to get out, but I’m closer.

The evenings are hardest for me too, but it’s my favorite time of day too. I am alone and can think, but then again I’m alone and can think LOL – it’s a catch 22. I sat writing my blog, crying, thinking, overthinking and then felt slightly cleansed.

I am a person who needs personal space. I don’t know if you’re an only child, but I know that that is where my need to have space stems from. I am an introvert, I need that quiet, I can’t give myself to too many people at one time. I know I’m a hard person to be around sometimes because of it. I am very “OKay, I’m all done being social now, bye!” and I have people who understand that, but it is asking a lot for them to understand all the time. I don’t know if you’re really familiar with the term and personality type of “introvert”, but someone explained it in a cartoon form so well – that an introvert gets their energy from being alone, needs to recharge and if they give you their time they are expending their energy on you, whereas extroverts gather their energy from being around other people. After really understanding what an introvert was and recognizing myself as such, it really helped me just own that and I stopped apologizing so much for my actions as extroverts don’t apologize for going out every night, it’s just who they are. Maybe it is that you are a little intolerant, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s sort of self preservation in my opinion.

Yoga before bed is so relaxing and wonderful – even if for just a little session, getting in tune with your body can be so good for you.

In my yoga practice at the studio, they warm a face cloth (dry) and add a drop of lavendar oil in it and rest it on your eyes at the end in savasana. It is amazingly relaxing as you’re laying there and the lavendar calms you and relaxes you and your thoughts are so clear.

HUGS to you – thank you for listening and I hope we can continue to share and work through this together.