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Wow! Thanks so much for sharing such personal (and very useful) stuff. I remembered you mentioning you began blogging about post-partum as you went through it. I thought that was really brave of you. Yes! I too sometimes have to get out of my own space/home and be somewhere else, somewhere where my mind thinks of other things! I had no idea other people felt those ways too. 😉 It’s what I usually try first when I feel like I’m down and can’t easily get back to my uppity up state again. That’s so weird how that works, but it seems like my “blues” show up the worst in the evenings, and that’s normally my favorite time of day. 🙁 I have done some yoga before, but never kept a strict schedule with it, but started back a few weeks ago and have finally gotten to where I try to do a few minutes a day now.

Tonight I absolutely had to remove myself from everyone. It was one of those breaking points where you have to get alone as quickly as possible or else. lOL. During my alone time, I managed to actually reach a deep-ish meditative state and thank God! I desperately needed it. I love when it helps right away. The thing is, the tension and upset feelings kind of struck me all over again once everyone kind of ambushed me later on during the night. It’s tough because I won’t say any more than “I’m working.” I can’t tell people to get away. Lol. And they want to keep hanging around until things reach an uncomfortable point (my frustration really begins showing to where they cannot keep ignoring it, I guess).

But while I was meditating, or more like almost sleeping at that point (lol), I realized that I think that’s what’s got me over the edge right now — just WAY too many people bombarding me at once, without breaks for days on end.

Does this happen to you as well? Do you feel overwhelmed when there are people in your private space all hours of the day and night? I want to try and get these frustrations way under control if they aren’t normal. I don’t know if it’s me who’s intolerant or if most people would become overwhelmed in situations like that, too..

After work tonight, I got to watching several newer yoga videos that I’d never gotten to in the past when I was getting into it. I figure I can try to work in some yoga before bed, and maybe really boost the benefits of the meditating. Hopefully just this bit of relief will make tomorrow feel even easier instead of the way it feels when you’ve let your frustrations, stresses and worries build up and build up (they get worse by the day if you don’t get relief).

Glad to hear essential oils provided you with some relief! I have tried some little aromatherapy at different times in my life, but never really got too into all of it. That’s great that the oils really improved things for you, though. That makes me interested in looking into that stuff.

Thank you for your kindness & for sharing. It means a lot to me! 🙂 Hugs to you.

Danae: Hello! 🙂 Thank you for posting and sharing that about yourself. That’s incredibly brave of you and I’m grateful to you for doing that. Bipolar is one of the “mood disorders” I’ve been stressing about because… I am so fearful that that is what I have. My twin sister was diagnosed recently with a form of it and since we have similar “symptoms” in this area, I’ve kind of been fearful ever since her diagnosis. I know her symptoms and struggle has been far more intense and severe than mine, but still it worries me so much that I might have it as well (although probably much milder). It’s something I don’t even want to think about because I worry it’s one of those things by fearing it, it’ll actually come to you full-force (law of attraction thinking, I guess.) But I tend to be highly skilled at attracting what I fear! It can happen so quickly. I guess it’s because fear is such a vibrational emotion or something.

Anyways, so I’ve been hoping to kind of balance myself out and see if that doesn’t help since my symptoms are not severe, but mild and they do come and go.

That’s so great that you’ve found some things that are helping you! I’ve also used melatonin (harldy helped me sleep and had no other noticeable effects for me). I have some good quality fish oil that I was taking for a few months, too and then quit. I take mineral drops, multi-vitamins and various herbs on a daily basis. Sometimes I add MSM (organic sulfur) into the mix since it also helps provide nutrients and minerals. I was severely deficient in almost every vitamin and mineral for a few years due to an illness that got out of control, and I’ve wondered if the process of all that and the process of recooperating from so much may have taken a toll on me and caused things to be worsened. I don’t remember having any trouble in my past, especially my teenage years. I was the happiest, most optimistic person I knew! I never became negative, I really don’t know what got to me.

I will try to get out in the sun more. I agree with both of you — it does feel good, even if you aren’t feeling great. I always feel at least a tad better when I’m outdoors on a warm day. I actually was today. Perhaps more would do me some good. I just need a way to keep the good, positive vibes going instead of crashing, and that’s actually a good way to describe my experience on a daily basis. I typically wake up fine — happy, a bit excited about how things will unfold and time goes by and suddenly, it’s like I’ve literally changed tunes completely. Even my spouse has been commenting on this mood change for years. In fact, I don’t think I really took a deep look into it until he pointed out for so long. I just didn’t want him to notice, and I think I was ignoring it myself. Not sure where it came from, which is what gets me the most!

Thank you both, very, very much for your replies. I think I’ll keep up the meditation (I just have to keep convincing myself that the time is worth it) and will update on how things progress.

Apologies for the lengthy, overly personal posts. I’m glad to have connected with you two over this though & it’s really awesome to hear that the both of you have been able to find some relief yourselves. Gives me hope! 🙂 🙂