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Hi Kendra,

I have not been officially diagnosed with any depression, but I have suffered from post partum, I have had what they call “the blues” (which I hate that because it makes it feel like it’s something you just have once and get over). I feel like I handle myself well, but sometimes I just slip into very dark moments that turn into days that turn into weeks, once in awhile even longer. And the longer I’m in one of these dark periods it’s harder and hard to snap out of them. I can look at myself and hate myself so much for not being able to snap out of it, but I also know that I just have to throw a line to the shore and hang on and wait because it WILL ride out, and forcing it only makes me feel worse and deepens everything.

For me I have found that the essential oils I have been introduced to have really helped to improve my overall stress and feeling of happiness and energy. I also dedicate time to my yoga practice, but while I can do yoga at home for normal times in my life, if I am sad or down or feeling depressed I have to go to the studio and do it, it improves my mind so much to have a space that isn’t where I live if that makes sense. Like I can breathe out the negativity and leave only with the peace.

I have not ‘overcome’ my depression, but I feel that I can handle it, I just have to sense when it is coming on. I have some very helpful people in my life who know when to leave me alone, who know when to offer a way out, but some people are really not very understanding at all. I love my mom, but in particular she just isn’t patient with me because she had to deal with this with her own mom. She tells me that this depression can’t be an excuse to shut out the world. That makes me simply shut out the world and put on a padlock.

Massage is also very beneficial to me and I’m lucky to have found a great therapist. Sometimes it’s as simple as walking outside in the sun (when it’s not a thousand degrees) or riding my bike. Sometimes it’s also just about not fighting against the wave, but just letting it wash over me and eventually that same wave will carry me to the shore again.