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Victoria: I agree — so much on the internet can be so addicitve! Scares me sometimes to think about it. Lol. I know when I first found the time to really explore YouTube, I was easily sucked in for hours, and I wouldn’t even realize so much time had passed! Lol. It’s insane how things like that affect us. I ended up cutting down on what I let myself watch. I got to where I would try to avoid watching videos that wouldn’t benefit me in some way or other, and only allow myself so much time to engage in the purely for entertainment ones. lol. So, my rule is that I must be able to learn something new from the videos I watch. 😉

Oh Facebook! Yes! I can relate there. There actually are hardcore FB addicts out there. That’s another one I had to make rules for to cut my wasted time in half. So, when I let myself mindlessly scroll down my newsfeed reading status after status, I’ll catch myself and log off. Another thing is I admin for a FB page group that focuses on pornography addiction (and just the typical affects porn use causes to those who are in relationships) and I can spend hours connecting with the other members who write to us there! I finally decided to cut it down by limiting my responses to useful things instead of just rambling. FB can easily suck you in.

There are so many things in life that I’m interested in that I can also spend hours and hours (sometimes for months at a time!) reading anything I can find on the topic. You said you find yourself reading on business topics in an attempt to find something useful — I do the same thing. Lol. 😉