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Aw! Pegasus! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for such a kind compliment! You have no idea how encouraging that was to hear/read. 😉 I am baffled that people are actually liking my stuff. LOL. I really did not expect it. I started with a huge urge to try knitting. I’ve mentioned how the urge just kind of hit me one day out of the blue. The thought that with nothing but my 2 hands, some yarn and needles or hook is all you needed to create almost anything was a huge inspiration to me. Lol. I remember spending weeks thinking about all the things I’d want to make, but I knew that I’d been down this road before with other crafts like sewing. Then, after working at it, I didn’t really catch on to those crafts very quickly. I just did not feel skilled enough to keep wasting fabric. Lol. Kind of like what you said in your last blog post about burning yourself out — I do that a lot when I’m working on something that’s repetitive or if I try so hard for so long without seeing improvements in my work. 🙂 I really enjoy your blog, too. It’s so refreshing to come across a blog that has quality content, and I especially love it when I can take something useful away from reading. Yours is just like that. Useful, interesting and great content! 🙂

I still sew and still love to learn how to do things correctly, but being able to just create anything from yarn is such a huge thing to me. I guess that is why I didn’t get frustrated and give up with knitting/crochet. I did have to learn everything from the internet, though, which seems like it made it more frustrating to me than if someone I knew was able to show me.

I think that’s so awesome that your mom-in-law taught you! I find patterns on the internet for free and follow them, although some I end up giving up on if I can’t figure out the instructions.

I finally decided since I couldn’t find a pattern that matched the ideas for clothes that I had running around in my head, I would just use what I had and try to crochet it to match. Never thought that would work, but it did! Lol. Most of the time, I just take a shirt that I like (like the racer-back tank for the crochet vest I recently completed) and just sort of use it to follow in order to get the right style/shape. I was shocked that it could actually work out that way.

I’ve yet to actually make a hat yet, but figure that’ll be something I’ll eventually tackle. I’ve been dying to do a blanket. I knitted one, but I would love to finish the one I began crocheting. It was so fun! I ran out of yarn and stashed it under the bed though. 🙁 I like scarves too. I’ve been pinning all kinds of lace-y looking scarf patterns to make this fall. 🙂 Do you sell your scarves & hats?

Oh, there are some great sweater tutorials you can view on YouTube for free! I have watched several and used them to learn how I would go about putting together a sweater. It is so much easier than I ever imagined! If you ever do get interested in making clothes, I have a couple of great sweater/top tutorials I’ve saved to my watch-list that I could send you links to. 😉

Thank you again for the awesome comments!