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There’s another topic that addresses this same question called “how do you get gigs.” I’d recommend reading up on it.

I gave my answer there, but will go ahead and answer here too.

Yes, I did have to have experience and links to past work in order to get all of the writing jobs I’ve obtained. It took me over 3 years to finally break in and start getting considered for hire. I am a columnist for two magazines (Angie’s Diary and U Blush magazine) and have a full time career with a company that assigns their writers specific titles to write about based on the writers’ expertise. The titles vary greatly each week, depending on who the client is and what they want. So, it can be food one week and entertainment or beauty the next.

Anyways, those are my current ones. I was just let go from a company where I did content curating. Actually, I worked for two different ones.

With all of that, I make less than minimum wage. In fact, last month, all of my pay for the entire month totaled up to less than $200.

I want to be honest with you — if you’re needing money “asap,” I really don’t think you’re going to get it in this area. I’m in no way trying to disappoint, but encourage you to perhaps also seek out other pay that way you aren’t severely let down when months pass and your bank account hasn’t gone much higher. Obviously you can and will make something here at BlogJob. I certainly recommend hanging around because at the moment, this is the best opportunity as far as paid blogging (where you don’t have to have any credentials or experience or anything to get “hired”). That’s just as far as I know, though.

Keep in mind, BlogJob posts jobs here that we can apply for. I think it’s from one of those job sites. If you look at the very top of the page, where you see the options like “Forums”, you’ll also see one that says “jobs.” You could always check there & just give it a shot. A lot of small companies are willing to hire writers without a lot of experience.

I had to start out with non-paying jobs. Jobs that earn you exposure and links to put in your resumes in the future. This is precisely how I built myself up to paid jobs and gigs. There are a few websites that allow any writer this opportunity, and I highly recommend perusing them! This way, you can quickly add up plenty of links to your previous work, which are sometimes referred to as “writing samples”, and almost every job asks you to link to past work so they can get an idea about your skills and whether you’d benefit their brand. I’ll list them in a moment.

It is very possible to make good income as a writer. But, it requires a lot of time and building up of experience, in my experience anyways.

With that said, I would recommend really getting out there and trying for many different paid jobs. If you are willing to do other jobs to earn $ online (instead of only being willing to work writing jobs), then the $ can really add up, if you have enough time to spend at it. If you are willing to try other jobs, then I recommend checking out this thread

You’ll find virtually every source of online income available! From getting paid to review music you listen to, to doing simple Google searches on websites like Click Worker, or even just to Tweet about a company. There’s many opportunities, so if your goal at the moment is to make as much $ as you can, I recommend using as many of these as time will allow for you. That way you aren’t as limited at how much you can earn a day. If you only stick with one income source (say blogging,) then well, you only have one income source.

Which reminds me, if you are looking to make $ more than simply trying to get experience at the moment, then try checking the link above and signing up for the ones that resonate with you. Also, use Bing rewards as your search engine. I explain about how that works in the thread I linked to above. You earn points for searches (limit is 15 a day) and it eventually adds up and you can “cash out” for various rewards. Mine have been building for months & the reward options, last I checked seemed pretty worth the time!

Back to writing. Below are some places you can submit your work to & get published right away, without having to apply and without any experience. Your work is featured there and viewed by others. These sites are great ways to build your experience, and like I said, have something to link back to when you apply for jobs:

1. Triond. Bing it and get points for using Bing & create an account on Triond, then start publishing. It’s really simple.

2. Ezines

3. Hubpages

And I can’t think of the others, but there are plenty. The few above should create a nice start for you. I hope this info has been helpful to you & I hope you’ll check out those threads I linked to for more opportunities earning. 😉

Best of luck!