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Laurie! Aw. I’m jealous that you’re so proficient in that many languages! LOL. 🙂

I loved your story about your mom making clothes and how she made you the sweater for kindergarten picture day! That was such a heartwarming story. 😉 I love handmade things, and it always warms my heart when I hear/read of people saying they’ve loved and used handmade items made for them by loved ones. I can’t wait until my niece is wearing the clothing I’ve made for her. And after this much time and yarn, she better wear it a lot! lol. 😉

I didn’t have the first clue how to crochet or knit when I first decided I wanted to. I just suddenly got the urge to do it, really. Lol. I’ve been into crafting and sewing (although my skills are not lovely Lol) for years and finally the idea that I could create all sorts of things that people could wear all with my two hands, a hook/needles and some yarn was so appealing to me! I tried and tried and tried until one night, my hands finally began making the right motions to get me somewhere. Before I knew it, I was making real stitches! Lol. I was so excited. I really don’t consider myself a fast learner (unfortunately,) but I did finally get the hang of it, so I’m sure you could too.

If you had enough spare time (being a blogger and in your profession, I know that might be impossible), you can learn from the internet. That is how I learned. I would watch the video tutorials over and over again. I am hoping to start putting up more tutorials myself now that I’ve gotten the hang of crochet (and some knitting.) I’d be happy to make videos that might help you. However, I know there are so many great ones already out there that are really useful. YouTube was my BFF learning crochet! 🙂