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Pegasus, I absolutely love your idea! What a really awesome way to share something and to be able to have your words there (forever, really unless you were to delete, I guess) on a page for your love to see. I love that. And sharing experiences like postpartum depression somewhere where other people can read, relate and understand is very admirable!

Sadie Marie: Awesome! I signed up on Bubblews too! Only I haven’t found time to do anything on mine, or really find a category I want to stick with. What do you write about on your Bubblews page? Maybe we can connect/follow each other there! I will have to get back to trying to put some kind of content on mine. I was thinking maybe of doing something along the lines of my experience and what I’ve learned about Law of Attraction (and even considered doing a blog of that nature here until I realized the two I’m running already wouldn’t allow time or patience for even more writing. Lol.) Plus, there are so many LOA blogs out there. I’d hate myself if I only ended up publishing regurgitated content. Then again, I do have some pretty interesting experiences with LOA…