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It seems like everybody I know says that’s their favorite food, too, Dbeck. Steak must be really popular. Not sure why I’ve never really fallen in love with it, being a meat eater myself. I don’t dislike steak, by any means! Lol. I can hardly resist a good bacon cheeseburger, though. Seems like any time I’m out to eat these days that’s what I end up ordering.

Fries are another favorite food of mine. Anything with cheese, too, pretty much. I know, “unhealthy.” Lol. I enjoy plenty of healthy foods like fruit (love most fruit, especially cantaloupe), but when I’m really hungry, I like something like a burger and fries. I love turkey sandwiches too — with lots of veggies and cheese, of course. Everything must have cheese! Lol.

And I’m hopelessly in love with sweets. French toast is something I can’t ever resist, or chocolate. Yum.