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I would love to work on improving and adding more crochet making into my side of income to do on one of these days. My mom is very good with making clothes. One of my fondest memories was she made a sweater for me and I wore it during my kindergarten picture taking day. 🙂 On top of that for my first grade year, she handmade a Chinese outfit called CheongSam. I wish I know how.

My dream job is to combine writing, blogging, social media and become proficient with being a translator and an interpreter. I speak Cantonese and mandarin but more so on Cantonese. I don’t consider myself fluent just yet. As of now, doing promotions and not sure how long I’ll be doing that but it’s unpredictable. Sometimes I make a pretty good income as of this month from the June and July promotion for one agency and next month, it may not be the same thing. I guess it’s why I am on here too. Not sure how many hours I would need to try to earn a hundred or more a week of being on here.