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Hey, 90’s kids I wasn’t sure if it’d be of any interest, or what type of writing you are into doing, but I went back and looked over some of the places I’ve recently sent out applications to (for writing jobs). I checked to see if any of those places are still hiring writers at this moment and here are a few that are:

Conservative Tribune is looking for a writer on their regular topics (Libertarian political views). If you are interested in that type of category.

Fatal Dose, a men’s magazine was hiring last week for a freelance writer.

HubPages is always “hiring.” So are a few more, that are always allowing writers to submit work at any time. There’s also eCom Engine

The Unprofessional Football League
is looking for a satire sports writer.

Voodoo Entertainment is looking for a “Bollywood Blogger.”

Can’t forget guest blogging gigs! Are you interested? I have a list of sites and blogs who are always open for guest posting. Some pay per word, some pay per views and others can only give you exposure, which is the most important thing when it comes to getting your name out there and gaining previous work links for better hiring jobs (when you apply for them.) I didn’t want to further overwhelm your, or anybody on this thread by posting huge lists if they aren’t of any use, or if you are not interested in that type of work. I’ll post my list I’ve gathered if you do want it.

I found some of these jobs listed on Snap Income.