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Here? What do you mean? BlogJob has jobs? I mean, other than obviously your points-earnings? I missed something didn’t I?

Or do you mean gigs in general? Yikes. Tough one because as an author who’s been at it for the last 4 years, I have to say it’s not all about following directions. Different jobs require a huge variety of different things, and in my experience (with hundreds of opportunities and gigs, so far) it’s all been about experience. I can only think of ONE job I’ve gotten that wasn’t based off my experience and credentials. IMO, in the writing world — depending on what type, obviously — it’s about building yourself up, slowly. For example, I started out being published for no pay, just for exposure on various short-story websites, and ran my own blog for the last 4 years. I’d say, my blogging experience is what’s helped me land many of the jobs I’ve had. Crazy, huh?

I suppose it’s different in other genres, like erotica or if you only do short stories. When I was taking my writing classes, my instructor required me to use a site called DuoTrope, which always updated lists of any published they could find, according to genre and you could just visit the magazines and sites looking for writers via that site. It was nice, until they began requiring you to pay just to see their list. I said screw that! PS. Some of those magazines also required a fee just to submit, and I’ve been taught that a writer NEVER pays to submit their work. We are paid for our work.

Anyways, that was my start. Then, I branched out and with enough blogging experience, people started hiring me. I went through a lot of scams, too, though. For example, one blog hired me and used my pieces but did not pay. Others promise payment after you submit and never pay you or get back in touch. It’s a tough game, but you keep going and forget the ones who don’t want your amazing talents and you absolutely will get somewhere.

To apply for gigs, though, I’ve used other sites like Craigslist, too. I’ve also tried keeping a good circle of publishers on in my sights & getting in touch with them. If there’s a website I frequent, I’ll send an email asking if they’re hiring for writers or editors and I’m sure to include my experience, background and skills. I’ve gotten a lot of responses this way, and have noticed that many of given me a chance due to my enthusiasm when they weren’t actually hiring! So, do sound passionate and enthusiastic and like you would have something to offer the company or website. Seriously, if you can show that you’ll be dedicated to a company’s name or brand and really want to be part of their team, they take notice more.

Anytime I come across a lot of errors in articles of websites I frequent, I send a kind email letting them know I would be glad to sign on as an editor (or writer) if they can work something out. A good quality company/site wants to know when their work is filled with errors because it tends to make readers less trustworthy of what they have to say.

Okay, now to get “experience,” aside from blogging, I’ve used free submission sites like Ezine and many others. There’s one called Triond. No pay for these, but it allows you to have something in your “sample work” because they always ask for links to your previously published work, and I’ve found that makes a world of difference if you have been published on a nice variety of topics rather than one.

There’s also Angie’s Diary. LOVE that place! I was invited by Angie to write for their weekly column (yes, I’m still overly excited about that one). How? All because I’d been published there several times and my articles had a lot of views. Always promote your work! On you FB, blogs, etc. The more readers you can bring to a site, the more exposure you get them and the more they want to hire you for a job. PS. It’s no pay, though.

Oh, and New For Shoppers has been looking for journalist-type writers for months now! I wrote for them, but since I was the only writer who can’t get an Adsense account, I could not earn revenue, so I don’t really write there. The owner is great and really helpful and will do everything to help get your work exposure. So, if you have an Adsense account, you have the potential to earn by writing for them.

Sorry for such a lengthy message. I hope this has been somewhat helpful. I’ll rack my brain some more for other gigs I can think of that are hiring for writers.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in just any online work, then you’ll definitely want to check out a thread here posted in another category. Forgot the name, but I’ll go find the link really quick.

It’s where a few of us have been posting ALL the online places you can get paid to work for. There are some pretty great opportunities to earn listed there. ClickWorker is one, but it’s not writing. It’s like the MTurk (by Amazon) where you take an English test and then are able to earn like 0.03 cents per Google search. You just follow instructions to type in specific words in Google and then give the job poster a link and you’re paid 0.03 cents. When I worked as an MTurker for Amazon, I ended up earning a couple hundred on jobs like this, but I hope ClickWorker allows better opportunities for pay as you go or else you won’t quite earn as much. Either way, worth it if you don’t mind spending some time.

Okay I’ll shut up. But I’ll post more writing gigs as they come to mind, if you like?