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Honestly, I feel like the whole piercing/tattoo prevents you from getting a job ideal is becoming outdated. I see all kinds of places now allowing tattooed, pierced employees and without requiring them to be covered up. Fast food (at least here where I’m from) seems not to mind it. I imagine there are still many places that frown upon it, although I think that’s silly. I also think it’s dependent upon the area in which you live, too. For example, the downtown area near my city is totally okay with that stuff. Most all of those places have employees with piercings and tattoos. But other areas close to me, you see far less of those employees. I think it really depends on the place you’re applying. Fast food, probably won’t mind. A bank, though? I don’t know about them. They’d probably require the work to be covered or removed during your work hours. Stores like clothing shops and more eccentric shops (like what we have downtown here) definitely don’t have problems hiring you with tattoos and piercings.