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Well after reading your idea of a perfect day, my perfect day would be to snuggle with your tortoise-shell cat! Lol. I love cats and those are beautiful!

Okay, for serious. My perfect day… It varies depending on my mood and what is going on in my life. Most of the time, my biggest goal is to have fun. Seriously, every day as I wake up I go over in my mind what I want to get out of the day ahead of me and I always say/think “fun.” First and foremost fun, secondly to feel my best and then to accomplish something really awesome. That type of thing usually makes for a perfect day for me. Oh, and of course some good quality time spent with my love. Tonight me, him and my family went downtown in Tennessee and out to eat, which made for a pretty great day.

I really love a fun-filled, fulfilling day and I somewhat like a busy day, too. I like when I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. So any fun event and productivity, and of course time with my SO (and family, too!) makes it perfect for me.