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Hey, I was in the same boat! I never had family members or anyone around me who crocheted or knitted, so I had to learn solely from the likes of YouTube and some incredible bloggers who have a knack for providing detailed (and image-filled) instructions/tutorials. Lol. In fact, I’ve even put up my own video tutorials for crochet on my blog. My sewing skills are something I am sometimes ashamed of! Lol. But something about crochet.. After enough videos, I had to try and it took some time but it happened. I still get confused on some written patterns (one misplaced comma can really create a yarn nightmare! Lol), but for the most part, they’re do-able. So, if you ever had a lot of free time and patience, you could most definitely do it. The hardest part for me was holding the hook the first few times and actually being able to catch the yarn and pull it through my “chain”. Thought I’d never get that! Lol. 😉