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Many! Lol. I love animals, but have to say I’ve had more cats as pets than anything. I have a major soft spot for kitties and currently have two as pets. I also have a turtle, which I never expected to have (babysitting him for my niece and I fell in love with him). I never knew a turtle could be so entertaining and sweet! Myrtle the turtle (his name lol) actually has a personality, which I never knew turtles really had. I knew cats & dogs did, but this came as a surprise. He’s a Red Ear Slider, if anybody cares. 😉

I also have had a dog (part weenie) since childhood. He’s my side kick. Aside from that, I ended up with a hamster (Hubert) who I fell in love with while babysitting too. You see, it’s a common thing for me. He was another of my sister’s pets which end up being mine. Never knew I’d have so much love for a hamster, either until it happened. He died last summer. 🙁 A very upsetting experience.

I guess all of them are my favorites. Ha Ha.