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Great post, Amber!
I have tried many of those mentioned, but most have ended badly. 🙁 I quit with the sites like Slice the Pie because of all the negative things happening to other members & it just was not adding up for the time I would have to put in, but oh well.

I’ve used Inbox Dollars (paid email sort of thing basically) for years! It equals up to $30 a year. Worth it in the end since all you’re doing is clicking on an email and going to a link (then closing it as it opens Lol) a few times a day. They started another one that’s basically identical called Send Earnings, but it has earned me a bit less.

However, the thing with Inbox Dollars is they promise once you’ve been with them for so long (as I said, I’ve been with them more than 5 years!) they promise you become a “gold member” which I did and that you earn more and more as you go up. I actually am earning way less this last year. For some reason they are not paying per email what they used to and it’s taken me almost 2 years to accumulate anything ,and it used to be $30 a year. It’s nowhere near $30. Not even half right now! But, hey. What can you say there?

I was an Mturk worker forever & spent most of my time working on that until I got an email from Amazon asking for my social security number. I’d read in their privacy terms or something that they would never ask for this info and to forward any email from “them” that asks for this kind of personal info to their department for that sort of thing. I did and got a reply that the email was not legit — not from Amazon to ignore it and NOT give my social security number when I clicked the link and was asked to fill out the form.

Got an email a week later telling me to fill out the form with my SS number or I’d be suspended from earning or having access to my money already earned there! I said whatever if it’ll keep me on, I’ll give it. I did. All was well until a week later. The same email threatening to close my access to the account if I did not fill out the form. I emailed Amazon letting them know I DID fill it out and that I would happily fill the form out AGAIN if for some reason they did not receive it, but the form would not re-show for me since I’d already filled it out! It only gave me some message about already filling out the form and not being able to re-do. WTH? Amazon was NO help and here I am with hundreds of $ in that account and nothing I can do about it.

The odd thing is I’ve never heard of this happening to other M Turkers. I hope to one day get back access. I had a lot of great opportunities since my rank number (whatever it was called) was high. 🙁

Okay, just thought I’d put that out there. Sorry for the lengthy story.

I used to be a member of a community that paid out called Toluna, but they cut the pay so low that most members protested and left swearing they’d only come back if Toluna showed respect and appreciation for the members and made SOME efforts. Nothing happened so the old members, including me never went back. Another one of those things that take WAY too much time for it to ever add up. It may be different today, though and could be worth checking into for someone who doesn’t have a full time job?

I’ve tried as many as I thought existed, but am seeing some new ones listed here! Thanks guys. I might check some of them. I cannot think of any others that I used and actually got paid from right now, though. Will post back if any come to mind, though.