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My heart goes out to everyone who is caught up in a financial problem. I understand how difficult life gets when you are facing a financial crisis.

Here’s my Strategy to make the most of

The most paying task on Rewards list is Posting a new Blog post, 50 points . So I have decided to write upto 10 posts per day or minimum stick to 3-4 posts. Each of 500-1000 words. My topics are to help fellow Blogjobbers to learn and get inspired to write their own content.

Create a plan, divide your target into weekly or daily tasks and generate smart ideas to do so. Try to meet the small targets on time, and Blog consistently, this will also improve your writing and you can later use your blogjob Sites as a sample to get gigs !

if you write 5 posts a day you get 1750 points per week (I havent counted points for commenting and other tasks)
If thats too slow for you, continue posting at least Once a day until you get an actual gig ! 🙂