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Honestl,y dear ?
It is wise to stick to one blog until you master Blogging skills.
One of the important things to keep in mind to create a successful and Money makng blog is to Write Posts consistently and engage with your audience. As it is writing one post takes a lot of work, focus and commitment. How would you manage 2 blogs or 3 or more? Eventually you would feel like giving up.

Sure there are people who can write upto 7 blog posts in a week, they are the Top level bloggers and have years of experience. But if you are a beginner stick to 1 or if you have to stretch 2 is still a safe no. 🙂

Enjoy Posting !
MAke sure you create Great content because it always gets shared. And the more it is shared the more people will visit your blog and soon you can monetize it 🙂