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My goal is to prove everyone wrong, all those people who said I couldn’t in my life. I want to get my doctorate not sure exactly what I want to get it in at first I wanted it to be in Criminology, but now I’m gearing towards computer science. I love computers a lot! My goal is to have enough money by December saved up to take my boyfriend on a vacation to California. That’s when he has two weeks of work off and the semester for school would already be done. Another goal is to not end up or follow my mom’s footsteps. There is this other goal I want is to be able to provide financial stability for my little sister and get custody of her, but that’d be a really hard battle to fight. I’m scared for her who she will turn out to be. I want to continue living in happiness to be financial stable, have more income coming in the it leaving my pockets for bills. I have a lot of goal to accomplish, but I still have a lot of years on my life.