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I won’t be much help here either, as just like the rest of you, I am also new. I actually found this site by searching for freelance writing on Google. I am no expert at any singular topic, but I have opinions on a great variety of things.

I have created a few pages on this site, but have yet to really fill them. I also made sure to add links to different social networking sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. This way I am able to share my own links on my own social networking sites should I choose to.

Additionally I joined Linkedin and, although I have not yet added anyone, I am able to search for publications, local or national, as well as editors and journalists. I am hoping that by doing so I will be able to network and gain success this way.

When I began this site my goal was to simply earn some extra money, whether through rewards, gift cards, cash, etc. I know this site works by redeeming points and, although I have not yet built my page, I believe Hubpages works that way as well.

I have been considering reaching out to other successful bloggers, many of which I have found on Pinterest or through a simple search, to see how they gained their following and success.