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@algedonics Of course I like to hear your stories. That is why I posted this. I’m sure any that read and make additional posts would like to as well.

Thanks for telling your story. In the ten years I have done investigations I have done numerous. Heard of Preston Castle? You might if you’ve viewed Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Now while I was unfortunate in not being able to attend the investigation; and this next statement may be hotly contested, but we know the truth that it was the team I belong to today that was the very first paranormal team to ever investigate there. You might say that we woke up Preston Castle.

@eloncin0926 Some very good points there; especially your opening, however, I must comment that much of that has to do with the damage in which the indoctrination of religion. Please do not get me wrong; I’m not damning religion completely but at the time of the writing of the Bible or similar texts the fears and beliefs of then are treated as absolute truths today. Your last sentence confuses me a bit about “And somehow people who are aware seem to flock to you.” If you are referring to people on the other side then you are absolutely correct. Not bragging; at least I hope it doesn’t appear so, but you could say that I am kind of know by name (my complete name) on the other side. Now, a reason behind this is that our team has acquired a few friends on the other side that know my ability and try to help in being, in a sense an inter mediator between us on this side and those in the places we go to investigate.

Hmm…After writing all of these responses I’m beginning to wonder whether I should write a book on the subject.