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Awesome! I have quite a keen interest in the paranormal too! Not that I’ve had any experiences or encounters since I was a child but I still like to believe. Everytime I talk about ghosts or hauntings, my arm hair literally stands on end, I go goose pimply all over and a cold shiver goes through my body but lingers in one of my extremities…it’s a rather odd feeling.

When I was a child I remember talking to a really old lady who always had like a lace shawl around her head, through my bedroom window (which was on the top floor). That house was always cold and flowers never survived overnight, they would shrivel up and die. And one day when me and my dad were in the front room (so I’m told-i don’t remember this event), my mum says she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder, to the point where she asked what my dad wanted now but there was no one behind her. The floorboards would always creak in the same way as they would if we were walking from the bathroom to my bedroom.

What places have you investigated? Had any note worthy results?