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I hope I don’t sound harsh here but your whole post is slightly, well, lacking in sufficient information to go on to really respond.

However, if you are referring strictly to blogging, then when it comes to me, I still can’t give you to much of an answer. One, I am very new to blogging; one might even say virginal. lol. See I just starting my blogging experience not more then four days ago.

I guess my beef right now is that I am not getting as many comments and reviews as I would like on what I’m putting out there. Though I know it takes time; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that people are reading it but never bother to leave a comment.

Now, in answer to your question outside of blogging as to finding that people are negative regarding a passion. That is a resounding yes; sadly, it comes mainly from family. They don’t think anything will come of my writing and publishing and books and would prefer that I focus on more important things like finding work. Granted work is important considering the enslavement that those in power has put humanity in with placing so much importance on money.

Oh boy, I really strayed there so I think I will bring this to a close and say you just keep on doing what you love and don’t give a damn what anybody says; including me.