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Oh dude, you have now idea how excited I am about Episode VII. I will admit that I am a tad leery that it is going to be a Disney production; but on the flip side I guess we should be very grateful to them or otherwise I have a hard time actually seeing VII, VIII, or XIV (7, 8, or 9, for those that don’t know Roman numerals).

Admittedly, I am trying not to read too much about the story and all the other news, rather true or false, that pops up because I desire to walk into the theater with the same fresh eyes I did when I first saw Star Wars the first time at a drive-in; filled with awe and inspiration. I truly am curious how the movie will fit in with all the novels that came out; I do know that they say Episode VII will take place 30 years after the events of Episode VI Return of the Jedi. That is where my confusion is because all of the time line in the novel series is after the events of Episode IV A New Hope.

In closing, very exciting times and I look very forward to seeing it and the remaining two.