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I have personally finished one novel and I am looking to hear back from a publisher in a month. I have no had good luck procuring an agent so I have been querrying publishers that accept works directly from the author.

Editing is a pain. Even the guys who are paid make mistakes and their eyes are more objective than yours. After putting weeks, months, or even years into your masterpiece, the last thing on your mind is if you confused their/there/they’re in a 60,000 word manuscript.

When I write anything approaching manuscript length, I like to stop every 2000 words or so and re-read it and try to make sure I’m actively paying attention to what I wrote instead of what I think I wrote. That is a very hard thing to do. Conveying your thoughts in print does not always match up with how you worked it out in your head.

Because I have ready many books that contain editing oversights, I do believe in certain cases the content of a story outweighs the typographical errors, but only to an extent. Too many errors can take ruin even the best story if you the reader has to constantly determine the writer’s intent.